High degree of specialisation and commitment

Working methodology based on our professional experience acquired in supervisory bodies, audit companies and companies in the financial sector.

What does INTERAFI contribute to your company?


  • Experience and specialisation. We are pioneers in providing services for internal auditing and regulatory compliance in the financial sector. We have worked in supervisory bodies, companies in the financial sector and audit/consultancy companies.
  • We are the greatest ally for your company’s shareholders and management bodies. We identify problems and help rectify and prevent them. We verify that the decisions made by the company’s management bodies are implemented efficiently and in accordance with the current legislation, recording any possible issues.
  • Flexibility and the ability to adapt. Our procedures and the price of the service can also adapt to the size of your company.
  • We have our own multidisciplinary teams, which simplifies coordination and guarantees the smooth running of the projects.
  • Support in the event of inspections by supervisory bodies, providing our experience with the issue.
  • Efficient and well-tested working systems and methods. We have the guarantee of our extensive professional experience, as well as the over 15 years during which Interafi has been a provider of services and ally of financial companies.
  • Efficient technology and systems. We have our own computer tools that guarantee the security of sensitive information, improve the efficiency of our work and simplify the storing of supporting documentation for the projects conducted, with the resulting saving of time, paper and space for your company.
  • We add value to your company. We are here to serve your company, providing ongoing specialised advice as a result of our experience, knowledge and global vision of the sector. We provide proposals for action and corrective measures, management support and provide assistance in the event of inspections by supervisory bodies.
  • Professional independence and ethics are a key factor in our continuity and excellence in the provided service.

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Interafi Servicios Financieros

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Calle Maudes nº 51, 7ª Planta
(28003 – MADRID)

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91 781 54 76

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